Hello (Blog-) World!

Hi there,

here I am, after I decided to start a small blog.

I have no idea how regularly I will be blogging about stuff, if anyone will every read what I am posting and for sure I do not know if anyone finds the stuff interesting or helpful.

So I will just explain the reasoning about this blog:

What is the content of this blog?

I will blog about tech stuff, mainly about development stuff
It just occurs now and then that Google, Bing or whatever search engine does not have the answer. Doesn’t happen that often, but you know, sometimes you just have to find out yourself. Exactly this kind of stuff I find out myself and what could be interesting for another developers will be the content of my blog.
Things were you think: ‘What the hack, why is there no description how to configure my system/library/IDE in this and that way?’ Or ‘Why is there no available solution/library/code for this simple problem? There most be tons of people facing the same problem!’

Why are you writing in English and why is your English so terrible?

I just think that English is the language when it comes to development. Every time I search the web to find information about development or tech stuff in general, I search in English. And all my friends I know do it in the same way. It is just expected to understand English when you are working as a developer and it is the only possibility to share your information around the whole world. So this decision was rather easy for me.
So what about my English? I am from Austria, English is not my native language. I hope everyone understands what I am writing. However, it may not be my best English. This blog is not about improving my language skills and I will not spend half of the time checking spelling or grammar of my entries. I will do my best, I hope that’s fine for the most of you.

Maybe at same later time I will add an “About” page or something similar. But for now, I just want to get things running…

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